Study in Gumi College,Korea

          In 2013, Huizhou University(HZU), Gumi College, and Samsung Corporation had decided that 10

          sophomores, who were the junior college students from Department of Computer Science in HZU would

          be selected as exchange students to study in Gumi College and this cooperation will be continued every

          year. They will respectively obtain the graduate certificates from HZU as well as Gumi College when they

          finish required courses after half and a year’s study.


          Recently, four of the ten students who have been studying in Gumi College share their feelings and

          experience of living and studying in Korea. Aside from studying diligently, Zhang expressed that he also 

          expands his horizon. Wei said that all exchange students have done well in every aspect. In the mean time,

          they have experienced the internship under the teacher’s recommendation. Chen realized that choosing to

          take part in this exchange program was a wise choice he has ever made, and he will cherish this chance to

          further develop himself. Ye appreciated that he finally adapted himself to the new environment with the

          help of teachers and classmates.


          These exchange students will be arranged to work for Samsung Corporation in Huizhou, symbolizing

          that HZU makes a firm step towards becoming a university with different kinds of international collaboration

          and establishing school-enterprise cooperation.



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