Huizhou University currently has nine disciplinary categories covering such as science, engineering, agriculture, arts, law, economics, man-agement, history and education.  It has 16 departments, 42 undergraduate degree programs and another 18 specialized subjects of study.


  The University was awarded the right to review, assess and confer bachelor degrees in April, 2004. At present, 24 degree programs have b-een approved for such honors.


  In 2006, the University mapped out its Eleventh Five-Year Blueprint for Discipline Development as well as its 2007 Undergraduate Curricul-um Plan.  It is presently preparing an application to confer Masters Degrees in 2012.

Departments and Programs



Dept. of Electronics Engineering


Electronic Information Engineering
Science & Technology of Electronic Information
Electric Engineering & Automation
Electric Information Engineering

Dept. of Textiles & Clothing Manuf-acture


Artistic Design (Clothing Design)
Artistic Design (Modeling)
Clothing Design & Engineering(Garment Trade and Retailing)
Clothing Design & Engineering(Textiles)
Clothing Design & Engineering(Woven)

Dept. of Economics & Management


International Economics & Trade
Financial Management

Dept. of Tourism


Tourism Management


Dept. of Architecture & Civil Engineeri-ng


Engineering Management
Civil Engineering

Dept. of Mathematics


Mathematics & Applied Mathematics(Teaching)
Information Management & Systems

Dept. of Physical Education

Physical Education (Teaching)
Community Sports

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Biological Science (Teaching)
Biological Engineering

Dept. of Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering & Technology(Polymer Materials )
Chemical Engineering & Technology(Chemical Business)
Applied Chemistry (Fine Chemical Industry)

Dept. of Computer Science

Computer Science & Technology
Network Engineering

Software Engineering

Dept. of Chinese Language


Chinese as a Foreign Language
Chinese Language & Literature
Broadcast Television and Journalism

 Dept. of Foreign Languages 

English (Teaching)
English (Business English)

 Dept. of Music


 Dept. of Fine Art

Art Design(Decoration Design)
Art Design (Environment Art Design)
Fine Art (Teaching)

 Dept. of Political Science and Law

Ideological and Political Education (Teaching)
Administrative Management
History (Teaching)

Dept. of Ideology & Political Theory I-nstruction



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