HZU's First Two Exchange Students Return from the U.S.A.

In August 2009, Huizhou University selected state-financed students to study in the United States of America. Gu Hua from the Foreign Language Department and Xie Li from the Department of Economics and Management were our first two exchange students to study abroad. They studied at the University of Houston-Downtown for one year. Gu Hua was in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences while Xie Li was in the College of Business. In August 2010, both undergraduates returned with excellent results.

The Fall semester at UHD was arranged as a transition semester to help HZU's students to adjust to their new circumstances. Therefore, they experienced what freshmen tasks would be at college. After learning for a semester, both students were accustomed to the native English-speaking environment and also had a clear vision of ways to learn in America. As time went by, they realized that the key to good standing are independence, teamwork and diligence. Gu Hua and Xie Li took courses from their own majors for the Spring 2010 term. At school, they made many friends from diverse countries through group study and on-campus activities. During their stay in the U.S.A., both learned a lot about how to learn and attitudes toward learning. What they learned most is to express their view points and ideas freely.

During their stay in Calhoun Lofts at the University of Houston, the housing officials often arranged inter-cultural activities. By taking part, they made friends from Europe, America, Oceania, Africa and Asia witih whom to exchange opinions and cultures. What's more, they attended various activities such as cheering for the school football, basketball and baseball teams, experiencing T-shirt culture, and so on. During their stay in the U.S.A., special thanks was given to Registrar Ms. Cynthia Santos and Director of Testing Services, Ms. Anges Leung from UHD for their help with everything.

In this one-year program, Gu hua and Xie Li felt honored to be student assistants at UHD. That work experience is unforgettable for them. Before Gu Hua left Houston, all the faculties and other student assistants held an informal farewell party in his honor.

Gu Hua and Xie Li believe that the exchange program HZU provides means an exchange between lives and cultures. This precious one-year exchange program largely broadened their horizons. At the same time, they felt extremely grateful for what Huizhou University provided. Now that they have come back, they will continue to learn with excellence, setting a good example for incoming undergraduates.

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