Scientific achievements are constantly on the rise. There have been 49 academic works published by Huizhou University scholars cited as the principle writer and another 44 books published by the universitys scholars listed as co-contributors.  In addition, over 843 aca-demic papers have been published in core journals in various domains. Huizhou University staff is in charge of 56 provincial and state ministry-level research projects, 109 municipal-level research projects and 104 business-sponsored research projects. The university also participates in 11 national research programs, 14 provincial and national-level programs and 12 municipal-level research funds.

The University offers a wide range of scientific services to local developers. In fact, over 60% percent of academic achievement is transferred locally. To maintain this success, two Provincial Key Labs in the field of Electronics and Chemical Engineering and two Municipal Key Labs in Chemicals and Garment development have been established. These labs directly correspond with the local pillar industries of digital electronics, petro-chemicals and Garment Manufacture.

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