Dr. Valery Vasilyev from Lomonosov Moscow State University Develops Cooperative Study in HZU

On April 13th , Dr. Valery Vasilyev from Lomonosov Moscow State University visited Huizhou University. President Peng offered him a warm reception in Administration Building.

Dr. Valery Vasilyev is a Ph.D. chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University. This time he is going to cooperate with Electronic Science Department to develop a 3-month scientific research in thermodynamics of materials and material design. It is the first scientific project that HZU cooperates with foreign expert, and it will certainly promote HZUs internationalizing schooling.

President Peng said HZU would provide Dr. Valery Vasilyev with good researching environment and favorable living conditions. He also expressed his hope that this scientific research would be a success. Dr. Valery Vasilyev promised that he would develop the research with Electronic Science Department actively and make his contribution in researches for HZU.

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