Festivals and Events

Science and Art Festival
Huizhou University’s Science and Art Festival is sponsored by the School’s Communist Youth League, and is held every year from
April to June.  It is the longest, largest and most influential annual event at Huizhou University, blending science and technology, culture
and art into various campus-wide academic activities. The aim of the event is to promote traditional culture and lead students to scientific and artistic innovation, as well as stimulate creative thinking.  Another goal is to uphold quality education and encourage students’ overall development. The festivities include a DV competition, a simulated securities competition, and an electronic design contest, a singing
competition, an English drama competition, costume design and performance competitions, a best host/hostess competition, a debate
competition, a speech contest, several art exhibitions, among others…

Student Organizations Festival
Under the leadership of the Communist Youth League and Huizhou University, the Student Organizations on campus organize and host
an annual festival. The activities include table tennis matches, soccer, an anime fair, a hip-hop challenge, a drama competition, English
debating competitions, a magic night, dance, poetry writing competitions, and so on. There are 32 student organizations on campus
involved in the activities, including:

Sports category: The Shuttlecock Club, the Football Club, the Table Tennis Club, the X-GAMES Club, the Hip-Hop Club, the Dance Club, the Volleyball Club, the Chess Club, the Fitness and Beauty Club, the Basketball Club, and the Badminton Club.

Arts & Hobbies category: the Guitar Club, the Flute Club, the Magic Fans Society, the Photography Society, the Drama Society, the
animation club, the travel enthusiasts club, the Music Society, and the Calligraphy Society.

Academic research category: Business and Marketing Research Association, the Mental Health Society, the Marketing Association,
the Student Press, the Computer Club, the English Club, the Speech Club, the Entrepreneurs’ Association, the Literature Society, the Financial Accounting Association, and the Law Association.

Public service categories: the Environment Council.


Food Festival

This festival includes A student cooking Contest, healthy eating seminars, as well as a numerous stalls where students can sample snack
foods from all around China… It is a culinary extravaganza!


Campus Life

Aside from partaking in festivals, students have access to modern sports facilities, several on-campus restaurants and shops, as well as
convenient public transportation to and from the city center. Life on campus is never dull.

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