The Overseas Training Program for Administrative Staff and Teachers of HZ University Has Started


    On July 24, 2011, part of the middle-level cadres and backbone teachers of Huizhou University, a batch of twenty peoplestarted off from Huizhou, through Hong Kong, and arrived at Vancouver Canada at 4:00 p.m. the local time. These cadres and teachers will have three-week overseas training at Capilano University. The training will focus on topics such as Student and Institutional Support, International Education, Finance and Human Resources Administration, Faculty Association, Award Winning Faculty and Alumni, Faculty and Staff Recognition, Library Services, Educational Program Planning and Assessment, Community Engagement, Teacher Training etc. in Canadian universities.


      An opening ceremony was held at 9:00 a.m., July 25 (local time) at Capilano University. The president of Capilano University---Dr. Kris Bulcroft, the director of Academic Affairs Office, Continuing Education, and International Affairs attended the ceremony and a brief introduction of Capilano University was given concerning its development history, mission, goals, structure, subject categories, president’s responsibilities, and development strategies.

Dr. Kris Bulcroft's lecturing 
Dr. Kris Bulcroft's lecturing 
Souvenir from Capilano University for Our University
A Group Photo of Teachers and Students
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