The Feelings from the Students about the Third American Exchange Program


It is a great honor to represent HZU while studying for one year at Minnesota State University in America. Such a precious opportunity, for us, recalls an ancient proverb which says traveling ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books. Furthermore, this one-year experience offers us a truly positive influence. Our days in America will broaden our horizons and foster new friendships. That's why I want to discuss our journey to America from two related aspects: study and life.


Individualism is at the core of American cultural values. Nevertheless, the spirit of team-work plays an important roll as well. If you take a lesson in their classrooms, you can feel these two cultural characteristics at play. Every time the teacher throws a question to the class, within a few minutes answers start to come out one after another. Students are active and confident of showing their abilities in public. They like using vivid examples to illustrate their views so that unexpected and interesting situations often occur in the class. For example, in a speech class, one student jumped on the teacher's desk, which was at least one and a half meters high, and began doing all kinds of exaggerated gestures just to explain to us the details of sky diving. In the USA, homework is assigned in groups. In this sense, the spirit of team-work becomes an important criterion in grading. Hence, communication and cooperation are pretty crucial among teammates. When I first got to America, my oral English was not that fluent. And so my teammates always patiently slowed their pace to help me catch up with the whole team's schedule and encourage me to voice my opinions. With their zealous help I could integrate into the team quite quickly and help finish the assignment on time.


American students do very well in combining exertion and rest. Apart from interesting classroom activities, extracurricular activities are also entertaining. Every Friday night, students will spontaneously organize activities in relation to various themes. Last Halloween, the whole school was decorated as ghostly as a haunted house. All the students dressed themselves up, and put on a devilish fashion show. In addition, different sports games, concerts, volunteer services etc., overflow campus life. Participating in these activities not only releases us from the strain of study, but also improves our oral English and helps us learn about American customs better through making friends at parties and shows. Whats more, during our vacation we traveled to several other states with friends, and admired American prosperity and beauty.


Though we have come back home filled with warmth and gratitude, the friendly feelings we felt will be buried in our hearts forever and become a special memory in our lives.






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