HZU Holds 2011 Sum-up Meeting about the Overseas Training Program for Administrative Staff &Teachers

        On the afternoon of Sep.19th, HZU held a summary meeting regarding the    overseas program for administrative staff and teachers. The meeting took place in conference room 202 of the Administration Building. Leaders Yang Haitao, Peng Yonghong, Zhao Rixing and others; the personnel director and members of the Organization Department responsible for the overseas training program at Capilano University, Canada; and inspectors from the Work and Travel USA Program all took part in the meeting which was presided over by President Peng Yonghong

         The head of the training program began by reporting the basic information about the staff at Capilano University, introducing higher education in Canada from aspects of school operations, teaching management, information technology, financial management, human resource management, community services and continuing education. Participants in the program also spoke of their gained experience and gave some suggestions about future overseas training programs. Members of the training program also reported on how their gained experiences could help them in their own field. The head of the Work and Travel USA program later made an introduction and conclusion about the investigation of the project.

  Dr. Yang pointed out in the meeting that the first batch of participants in the overseas training in Capilano University had received effective learning and offered valuable feedback about overseas advanced education and teaching. Dr.Yang stated that this overseas training program could be summarized using the following five points

1: Trainees gained an initial understanding about higher education in Canada and had an impressive investigation of Capilano University.

2All the trainees broadened their visions and opened their minds combining with new learning with their own working experience.

3: HUZ has established a relevant relationship with Canadian educational experts.

4: Trainees have established sincere friendship on the trip to Canada which will facilitate cooperation in their future work.

5: Trainees will be more experienced and confident in dealing with the task of managing education and teaching.


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