Professor NAKAYAMA Shigeru from Kagoshima University Japan Visited and Gave lectures in HZU

Professor Nakayama Shigeru recently had a one-week academic exchange on the theme of the 'Quantum Volume Method' with the teachers and students from the HZU Computer Science Department. During his visit, he also gave a lecture titled 'Higher Education in Japan' for all the staffs and students at HZU.

Professor Shigeru got his Doctor degree in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University, and currently works at Kagoshima University in the field of Life Information System Engineering. His major research involves quantization information technology, distributed and parallel management, the study of quantum evolutionary algorithms, and research of quantum algorithms. He has published more than one hundred academic papers and written ten books.

        Party Secretary Dr. Yang Haitao and President Dr. Peng Yonghong courteously met the Japanese guest and expressed thanks for his week of teaching at HZU.  Meanwhile, they hope Professor Shigeru could help HZU and Kagoshima University establish a platform for scientific cooperation, so as to further uplift HZU's international standing.


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