Study and Life at the University of Nebraska for the Third Group of Exchange Students


On Aug 12th , their hearts filled with emotions, the third group of exchange students from Huizhou University left Hong Kong airport for     America . After about twenty hours of flight, they finally arrived in Omaha and their brand new lives began.

 Being in a totally alien environment, everything seemed new to them for the first few weeks. In order to help the students get used to their   new environment as quickly as possible, the school authority organized activities to get the visiting students involved, to help ease their              homesickness, and to help them adapt to their new surroundings.

 One of the exchange students said, "our campus is quite beautiful and clean, and the facilities are also convenient to students. For example, a wi-fi network covers the whole campus and laptops are available to borrow in the library for anyone in need. Besides, considering some students dont have enough time for lunch, rest areas and hot food are provided for students at various locations on campus. Whats more, the gym and health center are free to students. In a word, excellent facilities and services are already available on campus."

 When talking about their studies in the USA , most of the visiting students agreed English is their biggest challenge. As English is not our     first language, sometimes we feel like we are on another planet." Another student added, "But luckily, with the help of our warm-hearted friends and teachers, we have steadily blended into the English environment. When we meet problems we cannot solve ourselves, we often go to our RA and professor after class. It is their encouragement that gives us the bravery to ask more questions.

 In addition, they said that previewing ahead in class is pretty important. Otherwise they found it difficult to get into the discussions and        follow the teachers pace.

      They concluded by saying, Though study is kind of stressful at the beginning, we cherish this precious opportunity and will try our best to study hard."
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