Dr. Zhang Shenshu from Canada Visited and Gave Lectures in HZU

On October 18th, Huizhou University President Dr. Peng Yonghong received Dr. Zhang Shenshu from Canada. In this trip, Dr. Zhang had two main tasks: The first was to give a one-week training to the architecture students in HZU; the other was to give a lecture on sustainable building and convey the latest information about international green architecture to the teachers and students in HZU.


President Peng highly appreciated Dr. Zhang’s lecture. He hoped that students could internalize the knowledge they learned and use it in their active thinking. He also mentioned that every student should be aware of the limited resources and help promote a low-carbon lifestyle on our campus.


Inviting foreign experts and scholars to give week-long lectures and communicate with teachers and students is another new trial in the international education at HZU. 

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