Huizhou University is actively involved in international academic exchange and cooperation and, by adhering to the concept of openness, has learnt from other schools managerial experience. In this way, the teaching and learning levels are constantly being updated. Experts
and scholars at home and abroad are invited to give lectures, meanwhile, teachers are sent to study and attend academic conferences at domestic and overseas institutions, which result in the expansion of teacher and student horizons and the advancement of the academic


The University is in close collaboration with seven universities in foreign countries and more than 30 local businesses and enterprises in
the field of scientific research and development as well as the talent training.


Presently, several exchange and cooperation programs are being carried out at Huizhou University. They are:

1. Summer Work & Travel USA Program

2. Student Exchange Program between Huizhou University & the University of Houston-Downtown

3. Student Exchange Program between Huizhou University & the State University of Minnesota---Moorhead

4. Student Exchange Program between Huizhou University & Taiwan Chihlee Institute of Technology

5. Student Exchange Program between Huizhou University & Bunkyo University of Japan

6. Visiting Scholars Program to the University of Houston-Downtown

7. RMIT Teacher Training Program

8. Unitec Teacher Training Program

9. Capilano University Administrative Training Program

10. Jamestown College Chinese Teaching Program

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