School of Geography and Tourism

School of Geography and Tourism offers three undergraduate

study programs:

Geography Science

Geographical Information Science

Tourism Management

The School’s faculty is consist of 20 professional teachers, including 2

professors, 6 associate professors and 7 doctors.

Major: Geography Science

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Introduction to Earth

Geological and Geomorphology

Meteorology and Climatology

Hydrology, Plant and Soil Geography

Human Geography


Economic Geography

Geographical Information System


Telemetry Generality

China Geography

World Geography

City Geography

Regional Analysis and Planning

Natural Resource Science

Introduction to Environmental Science

Teaching Theory of Geography

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science

Major:Tourism Management

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Principles of Management

Western Economics

Introduction to Leisure Studies

Accounting and Financial Management

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Laws

Introduction to Tourism Studies

Tourism Economics

Tourism Psychology

Hotel Management

Travel Agency Operation and Management

Tourism Attractions Management

Tourism Management Information Systems

Tourism Resources Development and Management

Tourism Reception Amenity

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Management

Major: Geographical Information Science

Duration of Study: 4 Years

Core Courses:

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science