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Prospectus for Chinese Language Students 

(2017-2018 Academic  Year)

I. Applicant Qualifications

AThe applicant should be of good moral character, willing to observe the 

     laws and regulations of China and the institutional regulations of Huizhou 

     University. The applicant should also respect the social morals and customs 

     of the Chinese people.

BThe applicant should be healthy, in accordance with the Health Inspectorate 

     Standards for Foreign Students in China, issued by the Chinese Central 

     Government, and aged from 18 to 60 and in possession of a valid foreign 


II.  Application Procedure

      Admission application deadline isJuly 5th, 2017.

      The following materials can be submitted to the International Affairs 

      Department before that date.

AHuizhou University Application Form for Foreign Students 

   (can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD area in this website)

BPhysical Examination Record For Foreigner and blood assay

CPersonal resume

DThe highest education certificate  - copy and scanning copy

EYour passport information page  - copy and scanning copy

   Postscript: Applicants need to manage their own visa. The materials from 

   “A” to “C” above should be completed in Chinese or English with clear and 

   accurate writing.

III. Admission Procedure

TheInternational Affairs Departmentwill review applicants after they receive 

all the materials and application fee, and will publish the results on their

website, and, if successful, applicants will be sent a formal letter of admission.

The written letter of admission is required for registration upon arrival at 

Huizhou University. Applicants will be reexamined by medical staff at a 

preassigned hospital; those who don’t meet admission requirementswill be 

disqualified. Applicants should be punctual for registration. Applicants should 

deliver a written request for leave to the university if they can’t be punctual for 

some special reasons. Moreover, applicants who, for no reason, fail to register 

within 2 weeks of the formal registration date will be disqualified from

admission altogether.

IV.  Learning Content and Assessment

Classification of Classes

Elementary Class (): for students who do not know Chinese at all. Main

courses include Elementary Reading and Writing, Elementary Oral Chinese,

and Elementary Listening.

Elementary Class (): for students who have a vocabulary of 500-600 words, at

the level of new HSK3 approximately. Main courses include Elementary Reading

and Writing, Elementary Oral Chinese, and Elementary Listening.

Intermediate Class: for students who have a vocabulary of more than 1,200

words, approximately at the level of the new HSK4-5. Main courses include

Intermediate Perusal, Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Listening, and

Intermediate Reading and Writing.

Brief Introduction of the Course

a)Elementary Chinese

1. Reading and Writing (10 lessons/week): Main course. Develop comprehensive 

    reading and writing skills, including Chinese pinyin, vocabulary, grammar and 

    reading, and writing of Chinese characters.

2. Oral Chinese (4 lessons/week): Mainly practice  “speaking” skills, notably 

     situational dialogues and daily oral Chinese.

3.Listening (2 lessons/week): Cultivate and improve listening skills.

b)Intermediate Chinese

1. Perusal (6 lessons/week)Main course. Develop listening, speaking, reading 

    and writing skills, including vocabulary, grammar and written Chinese.

2. Oral Chinese (4 lessons/week)Mainly train “speaking” skill, notably native 

    Chinese expression.

3. Listening (2 lessons/week)Cultivate and improve listening skills.

4. Writing (2 lessons/week)Improve writing skills and practice various styles.

5. Reading (2 lessons/week)Improve reading skills and vocabulary.

V. Examination: includes midterm and final, and the university provides 


VI. Certificate of Completion:having finished and complete the courses, the 

      student would obtain a Certificate of Course Completion from Huizhou 


VII.Tuition and Accommodation Fee

  • Registration Fee: ¥500

  • Tuition: ¥6,500/semester (textbooks      fee included)

  • Accommodation fee: stay at home or at university. Student who chooses

    to live at university should contactAcademic Communications Center

    (TEL: 0752-7211999), and the student should arrange accommodation

    and pay water, electricity, and internet as the university does not pay for

    these services.

VIII.  Contact

(English, Chinese)

Teacher Li: +86 752 2529210

Teacher “Fancy”: +86 752 2529210


Teacher Zhu: +86 15986993647    

Address: International Affairs Department, Huizhou University, No. 46, 

                 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Zip code: 516007

Fax:+86 752 2529489

Website of Huizhou University:

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