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Huizhou is a historical city, a home of overseas Chinese, and a new industrial base. 

Huizhou is situated on the southeastern coastal area of Guangdong Province at the

northeastern end of the Pearl River Delta, facing Daya Bay of South China Sea on the 

south and adjacent to Hong Kong. Huizhou is one of the 11 cities of the Guangdong - 

Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area (the GBA).

Huizhou is a modern city with convenient transportation system, including an

airport,high-speed transitions, lines of intra-city trains, and various express ways

which runacross the whole province.It only takes 1 hour to get to Shenzhen Airport,

1.5 hours to Hong Kong downtown and2.5 hours to Guangdong Airport by bus.



Huizhou is a place where its cultural environment values harmony and

inclusiveness. As the major residents, Hakka people have been characterized as

honest and inclusive, forming a welcoming folkway that can be put as “No matter

you are anold Hakka or new Hakka, we are a family if you come to Huizhou; No

matter you are a local or a stranger, we are a family if you work in Huizhou” and

upholding a spirit of “advocating civilization and virtue, embracing the whole

world and respecting dedication and gregariousness”.


Huizhou is home to abundant tourist resources, possessing natural landscapes

like mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, springs, falls, forests, streams and islands, in

which cultural landscapes are seamlessly integrated. As one of the cities with most

elegant environments, Huizhou is respectfully named as a city embodying half

mountain and half lake.



Huizhou is a new industrial city full of vitality. Ever since it embarked upon the 

journey of reform and opening to the outside world, Huizhou has made considerable 

economic achievements under the strategic policy of “putting priorities on industrial 

development and export-oriented economy”. Huizhou has established economic and 

trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions in the world, and 37 

Fortune 500 companies have set up 73 foreign-funded companies in Huizhou. 

In particular, since 2020, the global petrochemical industry giants ExxonMobil and 

Shell, as well as AMER International Group and HENGLI Group, which rank the 91 and 

107 on Fortune 500 list respectively, have all launched projects in Huizhou. The GDP 

of Huizhou in 2021 amounted to CNY497.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 

10.1%. Economic aggregate and fiscal revenue ranked the fifth in Guangdong 




Huizhou has a favorable geographical location and a rich cultural heritage. Recent 

years witnessed the substantial improvements in the city’s infrastructure. The 

municipal government has attached great importance to and taken effective measures 

in upgrading its infrastructure in economic and social development of the city. These 

efforts have been rewarded with a place in Guangdong’s Top Ten Cities in Investment