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Huizhou, located in the southeast Guangdong and northeastern part of Pearl

River Delta, with neighbors being Shenzhen and Hong Kong to the south, Dongguan

and Guangzhou to the west, is the core city in the Pearl River Delta area, bridging

the eastern and western Guangdong.


Huizhou is a modern city with convenient transportation system, including an

airport,high-speed transitions, lines of intra-city trains, and various express ways

which runacross the whole province.It only takes 1 hour to get to Shenzhen Airport,

1.5 hours to Hong Kong downtown and2.5 hours to Guangdong Airport by bus.   

                                         Huizhou Airport                                                                          Huizhou High Speed Railway

Huizhou is a place where its cultural environment values harmony and

inclusiveness. As the major residents, Hakka people have been characterized as

honest and inclusive, forming a welcoming folkway that can be put as “No matter

you are anold Hakka or new Hakka, we are a family if you come to Huizhou; No

matter you are a local or a stranger, we are a family if you work in Huizhou” and

upholding a spirit of “advocating civilization and virtue, embracing the whole

world and respecting dedication and gregariousness”.


                                 Huizhou Peasant Painting                                                                         Statue of  Hakka Women

Huizhou is home to abundant tourist resources, possessing natural landscapes

like mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, springs, falls, forests, streams and islands, in

which cultural landscapes are seamlessly integrated. As one of the cities with most

elegant environments, Huizhou is respectfully named as a city embodying half

mountain and half lake.


The Westlake in downtown Huizhou enjoys equal reputation as the West Lake

in Hangzhou.

                                                                     Huizhou Westlake

Renowned as The First Mountain in Lingnan Area, the Luofu Mountain is one of

the top ten Taoist mountains in China, and it is the sole National Five-A Grade

Scenic Area.

                                                                                             Luofu Mountain

With excellent natural seashore resources, the Xunliao Bay is called as “Chinese


                                                                  Xunliao Bay

Economy and Industry

Huizhou is also home to National Petrochemical Industrial Base, National

Electronics and Information Industrial Base, National Audio-Visual Industrial Base

and Laser Head Production Base. There are numbers of Fortune-500 multinational

companies investing and manufacturing in Huizhou, including Samsung, Sony, LG

and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited.


With its 2016 GDP exceeding 46 billion-USD, Huizhou is one of fastest growing

cities in China, which enjoys vigorous social and economic development, and is

ranked the fifth largest economy in Guangdong Province.


The City highly values creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Aiming to

build Huizhou into an innovation-based city, an endeavor to breed innovative  

enterprises, establish business incubators and provide a creative environment.


The city is aggressively upgrading industrial space, Huizhou proposes “2+2+N”

development strategy, aiming to further strengthen pillar industries; while

promoting the construction of new economic mainstays and cultivating several

industries, to diversify economic development.  

The first “2” refers to Petroleum, Electronics and the Information Technology


The second “2” refers to Automotive, Equipment Manufacturing, and the Clean

Energy industry;

And the “N” refers to Finance, Intelligent Production, Logistics, Smart Technology,

Modern Agriculture, and Tourism.