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Huizhou University, located at 46 Yanda Avenue, Huizhou City, Guangdong 

Province, is a state-run, provincial higher education institution. The university 

offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, spanning various academic 

disciplines such as science, engineering, agriculture, literature, law, economics, 

history, management, education, and art.

The campus of Huizhou University is approximately 1.71 KM2 in total area, 

and surrounded by verdant hills and a lush canopy of trees. This includes 

modern constructions, fully integrated facilities, with an immaculately landscaped 

campus; the picturesque backdrop is an ideal place for the pursuit of morality, 

knowledge, and the cultivation of ingenuity.

Established in 1946, Huizhou University has been committed to building a high-level 

applied university that emphasizes distinctive science and engineering programs 

while fostering a balanced development in education and teacher training. Upholding 

its motto, emphasizing distinction and seeking truth, the university is dedicated to 

nurturing well-rounded, high-quality, applied talents who possess a scientific spirit, 

humanistic literacy, international vision, and innovative thinking. As a result, 

Huizhou University has become an important ttalent cradle within the Dongjiang 

River Basin.

The University is currently enjoying an unprecedented opportunity for growth 

and development.