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Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Newcastle (Singapore)

Prof. Amir Mahmood Visited HZU  



On March 24th, Professor Amir Mahmood, Pro Vice Chancellor of the

University of Newcastle, Singapore (UON Singapore), together with Dr. Henry

Hung, Managing Director of Hong Kong Beauty Shadow Co., Ltd., and

Ms. He Huiju, Factory Manager of Hong Kong Beauty Shadow (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.,

visited Huizhou University (HZU). The guests were warmly received and greeted

by the director of International Affairs Department, the vice-director of Academic

Affairs Department and a representative from School of Economics and

Management. A meeting was held in the Meeting Room 612 of Administration




The director of International Affairs Department firstly gave a brief introduction

of HZU. Starting from the history of the University, she introduced the delegates

to the recent academic achievements and international cooperation programs.

Through using charts and figures, she demonstrated that HZU’s international

communication and cooperation has enjoyed a good development in recent years.

She expressed that at present HZU is facing major development opportunities, and

in order to improve the strength of HZU and better serve the local economic and

social development, it is urgent to broaden the faculty’s horizon to meet

international standard. Thus, it is hoped that the two Universities could establish

cooperative relations, creating more communication and exchange opportunities

for students and faculty of two sides.


Professor Amir Mahmood, on behalf of the delegation, expressed his heartfelt

thanks for the warm reception and thoughtful preparation of HZU. He gave a

detailed introduction of the basic situation, organizational structure and

distinguished features of disciplines at UON Singapore. He stated that one of the

greatest advantages of UON Singapore is that it shares identical teaching quality

and research resources with University of Newcastle, Australia. As students studying

at UON Singapore can receive degrees conferred by University of Newcastle,

Australia, UON Singapore has become an ideal study destination for students from

Southeast Asian countries. He also stressed that international communication and

cooperation, especially international collaborative research, is the trend of higher

education; therefore, he wished that HZU and UON Singapore could establish a

more comprehensive partnership, from which joint research and programs

articulation can be developed.


Established in 2006, UON Singapore has been nurtured nearly 4000 graduates from

more than 30 countries around the world, making it as one of the most

internationalized universities in Singapore. Professor Amir Mahmood’s visit to HZU provided an opportunity for HZU to cooperate with an advanced university in

Singapore, which would greatly contribute to the further development of

international communication and enhance the quality of cooperative projects.