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Vice President Liu Guodong Visited Japan


To strengthen communication and cooperation with Japanese partner universities

and cooperative institutions, a delegation led by Liu Guodong, Vice President of

Huizhou University (HZU), visited Sapporo University (SU) of Japan, the Japan

Association of Accounting Education and Asia University (AU) of Japan from

October 12th-16th.


During the visit, the delegation had a deep communication and discussion with

the partner universities and cooperative institutions of Japan. The first station of

the visit was SU. SU’s Vice President, President Assistant and heads of several

departments extended a warm welcome to the delegation. By summing up the

experience of the student and teacher exchanges programs, both parties reached a

consensus to continue the previous communication and cooperation Programs.

Vice President Liu Guodong, on behalf of HZU, has signed a cooperation agreement

with SU. In addition, two parties also shared their opinions on how to promote

future communication and cooperation, such as accepting students at SU as long

term exchange students. The visit to SU laid a foundation for cooperation, and

opened up a prospect for new cooperation.

The second station of this visit was the Japan Association of Accounting Education.

This was HZU leader’s first visit after its delegation’s visiting HZU in May when a

cooperation agreement was signed. A meeting was held and attended by the

Director of Association, the Secretary, the Vice Secretary, and the Director of

Chinese Affairs Bureau, mainly aimed at the implementation of the Agreement

previously signed in May. They agreed to deepen cooperation contents, one of

which was that HZU can make up an independent team to take part in “Japanese

Nationwide Bookkeeping Competition”, and the winner of the Competition would

be given offer to work at accounting firms in Japan. Vice President Liu Guodong

stressed the importance of cultivating application-oriented talents in Japanese

majors, holding strong confidence that cooperation between two parties would

have brighter future. Through productive communication, both parties were

determined to continue their cooperation.

The third station was AU. The receptionists including the President of AU, the Vice

President, the head of Graduate School and the head of International Exchange

Center. They gave a warm welcome to the delegation of HZU. Vice President Liu

Guodong gave a brief introduction of Huizhou cultural and economic development,

history, and discipline construction of HZU. He also pointed out that HZU is hoping

to cooperate with Asia University in related fields including joint education, teacher exchange, as well as staff training. AU expressed its willingness to cooperate with

HZU, and detailed forms of cooperation will be written on the Memorandum of

Understanding (MoU) soon.

This visit not only enables the delegation to enhance the understanding of Japanese

partner universities and cooperative institutions, but also further made clear the

future fields of cooperation and the striving direction.