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Malaysia Sunway University Visited HZU



On May 15th, led by Professor Eng Chong PUA, Vice President of Sunway

University, Professor Chit Laa POH, research fellow at Biopharmaceutical Science

Research Center, Professor Kok Boon CHONG, senior researcher of Jeffery Sachs

Sustainable Development Research Center, Ms Shui Chin LIM, Director of

International Office and Special Project, and Mr Henchard Choon Teng TOO, Senior

Manager, visited HZU. Professor Peng Yonghong, HZU President, led several directors

and deans warmly received the guests and held a meeting in Meeting Room 202

of the Administration Building.


To start the meeting, the director of International Affairs Department firstly gave a

brief introduction of HZU Internationalization. Starting from the general status of

the University, she introduced the delegates to the recent academic achievements

and international cooperation programs. Through using charts and figures, she

demonstrated that HZU’s international communication and cooperation has

enjoyed a good development in recent years. She expressed that at present HZU

is facing major development opportunities, and in order to improve the strength of

HZU and better serve the local economic and social development, it is urgent to

broaden the faculty’s horizon to meet international standard. Thus, it is hoped that

the two Universities could establish cooperative relations, creating more

communication and exchange opportunities for students and faculty of two sides.


Vice President Professor Eng Chong PUA, on behalf of the delegation, expressed

his heartfelt thanks for the warm reception of HZU. He explicitly introduced the

development of Sunway University, curriculum, academic quality, teaching and

research equipment and so forth. He stressed that after 30 years’ development,

Sunway University has now developed into one of Malaysia's top private

universities, gained numerous credibility from several international authorities. In

setting up its courses, Sunway University respects market demand and thus

implementing market-oriented curriculums and cultivating application-oriented

elites. The University also highly values education internationalization, and

cooperates not only with the University of Lancaster, France Blue Ribbon Culinary

Institute and other renowned institutions, but also communicates with Harvard

University, Columbia University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and

other top universities. He expressed his wishes of launching cooperative programs

and exploring collaboration of various forms.


President Peng Yonghong said that Malaysia is one of the countries along "The Belt

and Road" initiative with abundant higher education resource. In response to the

call of the state and practise the “The Belt and Road" educational action, carrying

out exchanges and cooperation between HZU and universities in Malaysia has

significant value. He pointed out that Malaysia's higher education embodies a high

degree of internationalization, thus its teachers and students can enjoy the

international teaching, research and learning atmosphere. At present, Huizhou

University is striving to enhance its teaching and research capabilities, as well as

abilities to serve the development of local economy and culture, all of which require

the University to upgrade the level of international collaboration. President Peng

Yonghong also said that two universities share similar notions of cultivating

application-oriented talents and he looks forward to further cooperation and


During the conference, Professor Chit Laa POH introduced the research frontiers

of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease (HFMD) and dengue fever virus. The delegation

also visited Glorious Sun Guangdong School of Fashion, gaining a profound

understanding of HZU’s application-oriented talents co-cultivated by the university

and enterprises and education internationalization.