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Signing Talent Cultivation Agreement with Japanese

Educational Institutions



On the afternoon of March 16th, collaborative education platform signing

ceremony between HZU and Japan Tektronix Modern Education Co., Ltd. was

held in the Meeting Room 612 of Administration Building. Attendees for the

signing ceremony were the General Manager of Tektronix Modern Education

(Dalian) Co., Ltd; Liu Guodong, Vice Prsident of HZU; the director of International

Affairs Department; dean of school of Foreign Languages, and other relevant

officials of the University.


In the meeting, Liu Guodong firstly expressed his sincere thanks to have the

delegation. He introduced the status quo of the University and previous

collaborative programs with universities, associations, enterprises of Japan. He

wished that cooperation with Japan Tektronix Modern Education Co., Ltd. will

have a bright future. Subsequently, the General Managerintroduced the basic

situation of Japan Tektronix Modern Education Co., Ltd. and said that he would

assist HZU in the training of application-oriented talents, and hoped that win-win

cooperation can be soon realized.

Finally, an Agreement on Talents Cultivation through International Collaboration

was signed by two parties, which listed down cooperation programs including

application-oriented teaching and qualification examinations, internships and

employment in Japan, double-qualified teachers training, students participating

in academic competitions in Japan, etc.