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Vice Party Secretary Zhao Rixign Visited

Japanese Universities and Institutions



To enhance cooperation and develop more collaborative projects with

Japanese universities and institutions, HZU Vice Party Secretary Zhao Rixing and

other delegates visited from 23th to 27th, October.

The delegation first visited International Foundation of Educational and Cultural

Exchange and was warmly received by Chairman Sadahiko Okamura. This was the

first time that HZU had visited the Foundation since their coming to HZU in this

June when preliminary cooperation agreements were achieved. In the discussion

session, both parties agreed to deepen bilateral cooperation by promoting the

organization of International Culture Festival at School of Foreign Languages.

Additionally, the Foundation also agreed to help the School establish overseas

internship bases, as well as develop a cooperative project combining internship

(3 months) with study (3 months).


In their visit to Ritsumeikan University, the delegation was cordially welcomed by,

Toshiaki YAMAI, Executive Director of Division of International Affairs. Two

universities reached a preliminary consensus on conducting student exchange

programs. Specifically, Ritsumeikan University would admit HZU students for one

month, one semester and two semester language and international business

study, each of which will be lectured in Japanese and English. HZU would also

receive Ritsumeikan University’s students for one-month Chinese language and

culture study.


The third station where the delegation visited was Japan China Science Technology

and Culture Center. After a four-hour long in-depth meeting with Executive Director

Jia Guangxin and Advisor Ling Xingguang, both parties achieved several agreements,

including the establishment of overseas internship bases for HZU students majoring

in Japanese, the development of a comprehensive program combining internship

(3 months) and training of postgraduate entrance exam (3 months), study abroad

program at Japan national universities and collaborative research program on

Hakka culture.


Lastly, the delegation arrived at TAC Education Group and was warmly welcomed

by General Manager Hosigatayasuo. Both parties recalled the Group’s visit to HZU

in this March, and came to some agreements with respect to deepening

cooperation. The Group would recommend HZU Japanese major students who have

passed Japanese Boki Level 2 to take internship or work at Japanese accounting

firms, and build up cooperation on innovation and entrepreneurship.


This visit not only further promotes cooperation with Japanese universities and institutions, but also clarifies the directions of future endeavor, which will

significantly boost HZU’s internationalization and transformation development.