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HZU Delegates Attended the 2ndInternational Seminar

between Huizhou University and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Aiming to deepen cooperation with universities along the Belt and Road

Initiative, strengthen the stage of academic communication and promote

international research collaboration, HZU delegated 9 researchers from School

of Information Science and Technology, School of Chemistry and Materials

Engineering and School of Mathematics and Big Data Science to attendthe

2nd International Seminar between Huizhou University and Universiti Teknologi



In the opening ceremony, Professor Abudll Rahim Mohd Yusoff, Director of IBNU

SINA Institute, warmly welcomed HZU delegation and highly appreciated the

realization of this intellectual gathering. In his opening speech, Professor CAI

Zhaoquan, on behalf the delegation, said that it was the delegation’s genuine

hope that understanding between two universities can be improved and

collaboration on specific areas further discussed.

During the parallel presentation sessions, HZU researchers shared their recent

research with counterparts in areas including image and video intelligence

analysis, automatic detection of heart sounds,modelling spatio-temporal pattern

of cropland change, Gelfand-Kirillov dimension and its applications, Topological

Dynamical System, nanostructured magnetic metal/alloy films and cobaltite

catalysts, determination of propranolol in animal derived food, rare

tetradecanuclear polyoxofluorovanadate cluster and physical adsorbents. In the

meantime, they also listened to their counterparts’ academic reports. While

staying in UTM, the delegates also visited UTM Arboretum, UTM Vivarium,

laboratories at Institute of Bioproduct Development and other research bases.

The delegation said that the idea of University—Industry Collaboration is highly

valued at UTM, enabling the tight connection between markets and products and

seamless integration between research and industries. Such a one-stop

marketlization and commercialization of research results worth learning.

In hopes of enhancing the level of cooperation and advancing research

collaboration, two parties had an in-depth discussion with respect to the

preparations for the 2018 Seminar and reached a consensus on exploring further

collaboration on research areas with mutual interests and foundation. Firstly, it is

proposed that researchers whose study focusing on analysis of big data at UTM Big

Data Center to connect with counterparts of School of Mathematics and Big Data

Science and School of Information Science and Technology, leading to the possible

collaboration on data algorithm and developing applications for big data platforms. Secondly, it is also suggested that HZU School of Chemistry and Materials

Engineering and School of Life Sciences to seek possible research collaboration with

researchers at UTM Institute of Bioproduct Development in fields of the

preparations, extraction and detection of herbal medicine. To do so, two parties

preliminarily agreed on conducting researchers exchange program, aiming to jointly develop applicable research results and apply for national or international research



International Seminar between Huizhou University and Universiti Teknologi

Malaysia, an annual basis seminar with alteration of host place, was initiated in

2016, serving as a platform for academic and research communication between

two universities. Participating in this year’s seminar has significant impact on

broadening HZU researchers’ international horizon and elevating research

capabilities, as well as promoting the further development of the University’s

science and engineering disciplines.