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Murray State University Vice President Dr. Don Robertson Led a

Delegation Visited Huizhou University


On the morning of September 28th, a delegation from Murray State University (MSU) visited

Huizhou University (HZU). The delegation included Dr. Don Robertson, the Vice President, and

Dr. Zhou Guangming, the Assistant Vice President of International Affairs and the Vice Director

of School of International Studies. Xu Wanhong, the Vice President of HZU met with the

delegation. The representatives of International Affairs Department, School of Mathematics

and Big Data Science, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Electronic

Information and Electrical Engineering, and other relevant departments also participated in

the meeting.


Xu Wanhong extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of HZU. He made a brief

introduction regarding HZU’s historical development, degree programs, discipline construction,

reform and development, external exchange and other information. He noted that, in coming

years, according to the thirteenth Five-Year Plan, HZU will center on the important tasks

including the application-oriented transformation development and joint construction by the

provincial and municipal government, and carry on its developmentof opening-up to further

deepening international exchange and cooperation. Besides, Xu hoped that both sides can

strengthen communication and make concrete progress in cooperation projects, to jointly

promote the internationalization for both universities.

Vice President Don Robertson thanked for HZU’s warm reception and spoke highly of the

infrastructure construction and the idea of international talents training of HZU. He introduced

the current situation ofAmerican higher education and general information of MSU, expressing

the hope to establish friendly relationship and carry out substantial cooperation with HZU. He

said, Murray is regarded as the safest town in the USA, and MSU is ranked as the most

friendly university in the USA which has dedicated to international engineering construction for

a long time. He also noted that MSU and HZU have a lot commonin the history of development

and philosophy of schooling, which paves the way to further cooperation between two

universities. Moreover, he wished that with interschool cooperation, a multicultural and 

multilevel communication platform could be built for students, and more essential cooperation

could be carried out in the aspects regarding teachers’ exchange, teacher training, joint scientific

research and so on.


During the meeting, both sides had a thorough discussion on students’ exchange, joint cultivation, teachers’ academic visit, teacher training and others, and an agreement had been reached upon

most of the items. Both sides determined to sign cooperative agreement as soon as possible.

After the meeting, the delegation also visited the HZU’s University History Museum, School of

Information Science and Technology, and School of Mathematics and Big Data Science.

Then they had a colloquium with relevant teachers and students.