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HZU Students Participate in Exchange Study and Internship in

Universities in Germany, South Korea and Indonesia



Recently, ten students from different schools were sent by the University to participate in

exchange study in universities in Germany and South Korea, and to conduct internship of

Teaching Chinese to foreigners in universities in Indonesia.


In line with the current trends of the University, HZU started to develop cooperation in

Germany last year, aiming to learn the advanced application-oriented talent training mode

of German applied technology universities. At present, our university has two German

cooperative universities, including Hochschule Schmalkalden—University of Applied Sciences

and Deggendorf FH: Fachhochschule Deggendorf. In the past summer holiday, the University

has sent 10 administrative leaders and backbone teachers from School of Electronic

Information and Electrical Engineering, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, School of

Information Science and Technology, School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering and

School of Economics and Management to Germany for a one-month exchange study. Most

recently, three students, from School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering and School of

Economics and Management, were sent to Germany for a one-semester study.

Under the development trend of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” and

“China-South Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park”, the University put emphasis on enhancing

cooperation with Korean universities. In this semester, three students coming from School of

Foreign Languages and School of Chinese Literature and Communication were sent to Pai Chai

University for one-semester exchange study, who will not only learn Korean language, and

Korean culture.

Under the strategic background of “The Belt and Road” initiative, our university will continue

to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with countries along the routes in Southeast

Asia.In response to the demand for Chinese language learning by Indonesian university students,

our university opened two cooperative universities in Indonesia last year for providing Chinese

language education. In this semester, we have sent four students majoring in Teaching Chinese

as a Foreign Language to Indonesia to conduct Chinese teaching internships.


It is reported that our university will continue to promote the development of students' learning

and internship programs, so as to provide more channels for broadening the international

horizons enhance their international competitiveness.