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The University of Central Oklahoma Visited

Huizhou University


On the morning of October 23th, a delegation from the University of Central

Oklahoma (UCO) visited Huizhou University. The delegation included Dr. Don Betz,

the President of UCO; Miss Anne Holzberlein, the Vice President; Mr. Timothy Kok,

the Director of Office of Global Affairs. Dr. Peng Yonghong, the President of HZU,

together with representatives from International Affairs Department met with the


Peng Yonghong extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of HZU. He

made a brief introduction regarding HZU’s historical development, degree programs,

discipline construction, reform and development, external exchange and other

information. He noted that, in coming years, HZU will continue to the policy of reform

and opening up, to further deepen international exchange and cooperation. Besides, he

hoped that both sides can strengthen communication and make concrete progress in

cooperation projects, to jointly promote internationalization for both universities.


Dr. Don thanked for HZU’s warm reception and extend appreciation for our infrastructure

construction and the idea of promoting internationalization. He gave a brief introduction

on UCO’s location, education philosophy and its approaches to achieving educational

internationalization. He expressed that both universities have a lot features in common,

such as its path of development and goals of talent cultivation, laying solid foundation for

future cooperation.


Directors in charge of international affairs at both universities all made a comprehensive

presentation regarding details of practices contributing to education internationalization in

past several years. Both sides also had a thorough and productive discussion about exchange

students program, joint cultivation and exchange of music and arts.   


Presidents Peng and Don signed cooperation agreements at the end of the meeting, marking

the official beginning of two universities’ cooperation.