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Exchange Program: First Group of HZU Students to Study in

Sunway University, Malaysia


On 15th August, four students from School of Computer Science and Engineering

arrived in Sunway University, embarking on their journey of one-year study and

internship in Malaysia. 

Thanks to the previous effort and adequate preparation made by two universities,

an agreement of establishing Research Centre in Information Technology and International

Collaborative Education was successfully signed in April this year. The exchange program

that students are participating in is a one-year program consisting of on-campus study and

off-campus internship. It is hoped that exchange and cooperation with countries along the

route of Belt and Road Initiative will be enhanced and students’ outlook on international

education broadened.

Through a wide range of approaches to enhancing students’ and teachers’ understanding

of internationalization since last September, the School of Computer Science and

Engineering initiated the international courses of information technology has been making applauding progress towards the goal of education internationalization.