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Delegation of Trinity College Hartford Connecticut

Visited Huizhou University


On 19th June, a group of 18 people (14 students and 4 teachers) from Trinity College

Hartford Connecticut visited our university. Before their arrival in Huizhou, they have

visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan, in hopes of deepening their

understanding of the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

and the Pearl River Delta Region. A discussion session was held for engaging students

to share their ideas.

In this session, the IAD Director first extended her warmest welcome for the coming of

the delegation and briefly introduced the achievements with respects to

the University’s internationalization. A teacher from School of Geography and Tourism

introduced the history, geography, humanities and urban features of Huizhou to the

delegation in the form of mini lecture.

Through discussion, the delegation developed a basic understanding of Huizhou. On

behalf of Trinity College, Professor Chen Xiangming, the leader of the delegation,

expressed his sincere gratitude to our university for its warm hospitality and delicate

preparation. He also proposed to strengthen cooperation between two universities,

particularly in the fields of tourism, urban planning and management, language and culture


During the discussion, students from both sides also conducted in-depth discussions

and exchanges regarding classroom teaching, internship, employment issues and other

topics that are commonly concerned by Chinese and American students.

During their stay in Huizhou, accompanied by students from HZU, the delegation also

visited renowned companies and scenic spots in Huizhou, improving their understanding

of Huizhou’s status quo of economy, urban development and its history.