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Vice President Xu Wanhong Led a Delegation Visited Korea and Japan


Officially invited by Yonsei University in Korea, Tohoku University and

Archie Village in Japan, a delegation from Huizhou University, including

Xu Wanhong, Vice President of Huizhou University, along with 5 administrators

from International Affairs Department, School of Music, School of Physical

Education and School of Foreign Languages, paid an 8-day visit to several

cooperation units in Korea and Japan from November 10th to 17th.

Visit in Korea

From November 10th to 17th, the delegation visited Pai Chai University,

Yonsei University and Gachon University in Korea.

During the visit in Pai Chai University, the delegation was warmly welcomed

by Dr. Cui Haoze, the vice-president and director of Foreign Cooperation

Department, and Li Yanqiu, the vice director of International Affairs Department.

Both sides had an exchange of views on Korean teaching program, short-term

exchange project, master and doctor degree in Korea for students, academic visit,

training, on-the-job study for a doctorate for teachers, etc., after which both

sides consistently approved of expand the communication scope and deepen the

level of cooperation. Besides, VP Xu had a short meeting with two Huizhou

University students doing exchanging program in Pai Chai University.

On November 11th, the delegation arrived at Future Campus in Yonsei University

and was warmly welcomed by Prof. Yin Rongzhe, the vice president of Future

Campus, and other deans. President Yin stated that they attached great importance

to communication and cooperation with Chinese universities. Since 1825, the

time when Yonsei University was founded, they’ve set up a series of international

exchange projects. So far, there are over 300 international students in Yonsei

University, of whom more than half are Chinese students. In recent years, Yonsei

is striking to develop digital health care, artificial intelligence and other natural

sciences, and has received key support from the government. In the meantime,

Yonsei also highly focuses on the development of Humanities and Social Sciences

in Northeast Asia, promotes the exchange of language, human history and social

culture with Chinese universities. President Yin also emphasized that they are

anticipating to establish partnership with Huizhou University, and carried out

in-depth cooperation in student exchange, faculty exchange program, and

scientific research. VP Xu briefed the situation and the history of Huizhou

University. Besides, he also gave an introduction of the regional advantages of

Huizhou, especially the prospects of Huizhou in strategic pattern of the Greater

Bay Area, hoping to promote understanding and deepen cooperation of both

sides. Further, the two sides carried out in-depth discussion on student exchange,

joint cultivation, teacher training and other programs at the forum. After the

forum, the two universities formally signed the cooperation agreement.

Gachon University, founded in 1939, lays in Chengnan City, south of Seoul, the

capital of South Korea. Chengnan City is also twinned with Huizhou. Stimulated

by both of the governments of Chengnan City and Huizhou, the delegation of

our university visited Gachon University on November 12th and received a

warm reception from Dr. Cui Jingpo, the director of International Affairs

Department, Dr. Piao Shangyong, the director of Student Department and

professor of Sports Department, Prof. Piao Zhenxiu, professor of East Asian

culture and director of Asian Culture Institute, and Li Bingjun, the minister of

the International Exchange Department.

The two sides carried out a discussion on Korean cooperative teaching, students

exchange, teachers visits and training, joint scientific researches and other projects,

and held specific discussions on the way how to carry out preliminary exchanges

and cooperation between the two schools in the field of music and sports,

including vocal music, instrumental music, composition, sports, taekwondo etc.

Besides, hoping to break the languages barriers and the culture obstacles through

music and sports, and to build a friendly and cooperative relationship between the

two universities, our school sent an invitation to Gachon University to send

teacher and student representatives of music, sports, performing arts and other

majors to participate in the second International Cultures Festival of Huizhou

University next year. After the forum, the two universities formally signed the

cooperation agreement.

Visit in Japan

After visiting Korea, the delegation of HZU went to Sendai, Nagano, Kyoto, Tokyo,

etc in Japan and carried out a friendly visit to Sendai University, Archie Village,

Kyoto University, TAC Modern Education Co., Ltd, amongst other interested

organizations from November 13th to 16th.

November 13th, the delegation arrived at Sendai University. In the welcoming

gala, the delegation was warm received by Mr. Hozawa Taiji, the legal representative

and chairman of the school, Dr. Endo Yasuo, the president, Sato Shuhei, the

representative of physical education teachers in the Department of Physical

Education, and Miss Ma Dongmei, head of International Affairs Exchange

Department. The leaders of Sendai University made an introduction about the

school history, discipline structure and development status of their school,

especially the great achievement in sports field. Apart from that, the leaders

showed the delegation the gymnasium, squash hall, track-and-field ground,

baseball field, rugby field, swimming pool, student dining hall and other sports

teaching facilities in Sendai University. VP Xu Wanhong introduced the situation

that in this year, for the first time, PE Department of HZU had enrolled 13 freshmen

who took Japanese as first foreign language to take part in the college entrance

examination, planning to make them a special class, with the purpose of

cultivating compound talents equipped with both Japanese and sports. Besides,

they will be encouraged to go to Japan for short-term exchange study or further

study for master's degree. After friendly and in-depth discussion, the two sides

reached a preliminary cooperation intention of strengthen teacher inter-visits,

joint teaching etc, which lay the brick for further cooperation.

On the morning of November 14th, the delegation visited Institute of Economics of

Kyoto University and had a formal meeting with Prof. Mizobata Satoshi, the director

of the institute, and Dr. Wang Dunyan, the researcher.

At the forum, the delegation described the basic situation of Huizhou City and

Huizhou University, recalled the history of economic and trade cooperation

between Huizhou and Japan, and briefed the relevant information of Japanese

enterprises and Japanese business associations in Huizhou. Prof. Mizobata

extended a warm welcome the delegation, showed strong interest in Economy

Management of HZU, and placed great expectation in developing further exchange

and cooperation in the future. The delegation also visited the Institute of

Economics and International Exchange and International Student Management

and Service Center of Kyoto University.

The third stop in Japan was Archie Village Government in Nagano Prefecture.

In the morning of November 15th, the delegation paid a visit to the Archie

Village Government and received a warm reception from Kumagai Hideki, the

village head, Tanada masuhiro, head of Regional Management Department of

Village Government, Shirasawa Yuji, chairman of Bureau, Kojima yoshiharu,

professional director, Ushiyama Atsushi Enterprise Planning Strategy Department,

and other authorities.

At the forum, there was a licensing ceremony of Overseas Practice Teaching

Base of HZU, which marked the formal establishment of the first overseas practice

teaching base of HZU. After the forum, the delegation warmly visited the students

from our school studying there.  November 16th, the delegation paid a visit to

TAC Modern Education Co., Ltd in Tokyo and held a friendly forum with Hijikata

Yasuo, the director of the third division of Education of TAC Modern Education

Co., Ltd, and Kodama Susumu, the general manager assistant of TAC Modern

Education (Dalian) Co., Ltd. During the forum, the two sides carried out deep

discussion on further strengthening the joint cultivation of compound talents

who have high proficiency in Japanese as well as bookkeeping skills and other

concerned matters, after which both sides decided unanimously to promote the

impulse to the project.

Through all these friendly visits, our university strengthened exchanges and

cooperation with Korean and Japanese universities, local governments, and

enterprises, amongst other interested organizations, consolidated the foundation

of cooperation, laid the foundation of building China-Japanese-Korea Asia Campus,

added more international elements to the campus, and elevated the level of internationalization.