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Attendance at the seminar held by Huizhou Korean (Commerce and Industry) 



Being invited by the president of Huizhou Korean (Commerce and Industry) Association, Niu Wenxue, the associate professor from School of Economics and Management and Huizhou Research Institute for the development of Greater Bay Area, along with 4 administrators from the International Affairs Department, gave a lecture and communicated with 18 IMBA program participants from Sungkyunkwan University in China-South Korea Industrial Park in Huizhou in the afternoon of January 11th.

Basing on the economics and industry development of the Greater Bay Area, Prof. Niu introduced policy trends, economic situation, industrial pattern, development opportunities, and other basic information about the area. He also interacted with the IMBA program participants and answered questions for them after the seminar, furthering their understandings of the development of the Greater Bay Area.

The administrator of the International Affairs Department presented specific information and outlook of the university’s internationalization to the attendees in anticipation of building and enhancing the cooperative relationship with the Korean enterprises and university, facilitating the economic development of Huizhou. 

According to the administrator of the International Affairs Department, it was a rewarding seminar that not only deepened the cooperation with Huizhou Korean (Commerce and Industry) Association to educate students collaboratively but also enhanced the internationalization level of HZU.

The 18 IMBA program participants from Sungkyunkwan University are senior managements at companies in China. They came to investigate the economic development of Huizhou and its surrounding cities to seek investment opportunities.