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Series of demonstration classes of foreign teachers


    To learn from international frontier education theory, promote communication between Chinese and foreign teachers, first series of demonstration classes of foreign teachers held by the Educational Administration Office, International Affairs Department, and Faculty Development Center.

    In the afternoon of October 27th, Owens Michael (British) from the School of Foreign Language gave the first demonstration class about spoken English. It was an excellent class with ingenious design and rich content that attracted the attendance of 18 teachers from 16 schools. After class, the teachers not only expressed their appreciation but also gave suggestions based on the class.

    Next, foreign teachers from 8 schools would give 11 demonstration classes talking about English, Japanese, Korean, computer application, tourism English, Western architectural theory, cross-cultural communication, and Chinese history. What’s more, the demonstration classes of foreign teachers will be held regularly from this semester in anticipation of engaging mutual learning among teachers and thus enhance the teaching quality of foreign teachers.