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The opening of the “2+2 program of software engineering” jointly founded 

by Huizhou University and Sunway University


The opening of the first “2+2 program of software engineering” jointly founded by Huizhou University and Sunway University was held in the afternoon of October 19th. Vice president Liu Guodong, administrators from the educational administration office, International Affairs Department, and heads of the School of Information Science and Technology, and participants of the program attended the ceremony, which was hosted by the vice dean of the School of Information Science and Technology.

Firstly, the dean of the School of Information Science and Technology introduced some information about the program. Based on the cooperative relationship between the two universities since 2017, the program aimed at improving the internationalization of the software engineering major through syllabus, faculties, teaching methods, and practice instructions. Graduates are equipped with international vision and competitiveness as well as innovation capacity.

The administrator of the educational administration office said that the program is designed to promote teaching reform, enhance teaching quality, and reveal the student-centered educational philosophy of the university. Besides, he hoped the students could seize the opportunity and be self-disciplined to work on self-development.

On the other hand, the student representative expressed his pleasure to be selected as one of the participants of the first program and being grateful for owning this precious opportunity. What’s more, he said the whole class would appreciate the chance to improve their overall qualities and meet the school’s expectations.

In conclusion, Liu Guodong pointed out that HZU has attached great importance to international education. In addition, it has been trying to enhance staff understanding of the internationalization of tertiary education and cooperative engagement as well as provide international experience for students. Therefore, according to 《惠州学院提升国际化办学水平行动计划(2020-2022)》, HZU founded the “2+2 program of software engineering” with Sunway University. Besides, the whole instructional design would meet the qualifications of international professional certification. He also encouraged students to keep challenging themselves and make significant progress during the four-year study.

The class of the program consists of 44 students through selection. It is the first double degree program formally cooperating with overseas universities of HZU, which shows the steadfast determination to fulfill the mission of enhancing the university’s internationalization efforts.