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Video conference for communication and cooperation 

with the University of North Alabama


    The video conference for communication and cooperation between HZU and The University of North Alabama was held on the morning of December 11th. The vice president Zhang Chunsheng, dean of College of Education & Human Science Katie Kinney, directors of the Office of International Affairs of and UNA, and vice president Liu Guodong, directors of the International Affairs Department and School of Education Sciences of HZU attended the conference.

    Dr. Zhang gave some information about the vision, mission, majors, and internationalization of and UNA at the conference. He said UNA is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States, founded in 1830 as a normal school. Being a public university, UNA is listed in US News and World Report America's Best Colleges as an institution that offers a quality education at an affordable price. Up to now, UNA has established cooperation with more than a hundred universities in 18 countries, which include Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, and other First-class universities and disciplines of the world in China.

    On the other hand, Dr. Liu also gave a brief introduction about HZU. He said HZU started from teacher education, which shares the same history with UNA. Being a provincial undergraduate university, HZU holds the orientation of being regional, applicable and international. Under the three guidance, HZU has recruited local entrepreneurs to instruct practice for students. In terms of expanding internationalization, the university has committed to forming various international collaborative programs.  It is why HZU attempted to establish a high-level cooperative relationship with UNA, too.

    Moreover, directors of the College of Education & Human Science of UNA and School of Education Sciences of HZU introduced their majors, faculty, characteristics, community services respectively. They also had an in-depth exchange of the enrollment scale of preschool major, talent development, and internship project.

    According to the administrator from International Affairs Department, the video conference not only helped deepen mutual understanding between the two universities but also boosted the internationalization of HZU.