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The First English Salon in 2023 Kicked Off


Huizhou University conducted its first English salon session for the new semester of 2023 

on the evening of March 23rd at Classrooms 502 and 503 in Building B, Glorious Sun 

Technology Building. The event was organized by the International Affairs Department,

and was attended by relevant leaders of the said office and the School of Economics and 

Management, along with ten foreign teachers and nearly a hundred students from various 

schools, such as the School of Economics and Management, the School of Foreign Languages, 

and the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

During the opening remarks, the Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Management, 

pointed out that the English salon is a testament to the International Affairs Department's 

commitment to serving the school's needs, providing accurate services to students, and 

promoting educational idea in practice. She encouraged the students present to value the 

learning opportunities and to improve their English proficiency and intercultural 

communication abilities so they can become modern talents with international vision 

and profound professional knowledge.

The Deputy Director of the International Affairs Department congratulated the school 

on resuming the in-person English salon. He explained that this semester’s salon would use 

the Socratic discussion model, which emphasizes open and inspirational discussion topics, 

academic English discussions, deep understanding of different cultures and concepts, and the 

development of critical thinking abilities. Furthermore, the International Affairs Department

 will conduct themed and diverse English salons in collaboration with different schools, 

providing more platforms for students to practice their English speaking and cross-cultural communication skills with a global perspective.

During the event, the students were divided into eight groups, each with one to two foreign 

teachers. They discussed three different topics, such as Dream Journey - Changes in Future 

Technology, Work, and Life and Can Digital Currency Lead the Future. The foreign teachers 

provided reading materials in advance, which enriched the discussion, and guided the students 

in their critical thinking and expression on each topic. The students benefitted greatly from 

this English salon and were enthusiastic about participating in future sessions.