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An Online Exchange with Osaka University of Tourism


On the morning of March 7th, the opening ceremony of the first session of the Chinese 

Language and Culture Training Course between our school and Osaka University of Tourism 

was held via video conference. Officials from the Internationa Affairs Department, School of 

Foreign Languages, teacher and student representatives from our school, together with leaders 

from the International Exchange Center of Osaka University of Tourism and exchange students,

participated in the activity.

Ms. Tsuboone, Director of the International Exchange Center of Osaka University of Tourism, 

expressed her gratitude to our school for organizing this Chinese language and culture exchange 

activity for students of the university. She indicated that since the signing of the friendly 

exchange agreement between the two schools, a good cooperation mechanism has been formed, 

and the co-hosting of the online Chinese language and culture exchange activity has officially 

symbolized the teacher-student exchange and academic cooperation between the two schools. 

Additionally, she expressed hope that the two sides can further expand mutual exchange and 

cooperation in the future to contribute to the deeper understanding and communication between 

the two schools.

The Principal of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our school said 

that, although the two sides could not communicate face to face due to the epidemic, the School 

of Foreign Languages and the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our school, 

in order to welcome the exchange students of Osaka University of Tourism online, had prepared a 

variety of Chinese teaching activities and excellent traditional Chinese culture courses. It is hoped 

that Japanese students can maintain friendly online interaction with our teachers and students and 

enjoy the excellent traditional Chinese culture, thus benefiting and improving their proficiency in 


It is reported that Osaka University of Tourism is the only university-level and professional school 

of tourism in Japan, with two major disciplines and majors: tourism and international exchange.

 According to the friendly exchange agreement between the two sides, in order to promote the

 internationalization of teaching and scientific research of both sides and jointly promote the 

mutual learning of Chinese and Japanese culture, exchanges and cooperation will be carried out 

in aspects such as teacher exchange visits and interaction among students.