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2018 The Third International Seminar between

Huizhou University and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

was Held Successfully



For the purpose of strengthening cooperation with universities in countries along the

Belt and Road Initiative and creating opportunities for collaborative research, HZU

held the 3rd International Seminar between HZU and UTM on October 18th. This year’s

Seminar was attended by 14 UTM scholars whose research interests include biology,

mathematics, big data science, information technology, business and physical education.

In the opening speech, Dr. Xu Wanhong, Vice President of HZU, extended his warmest

welcome to all delegates from UTM and congratulated on the opening of this year’s event.

He said that China and Malaysia have enormous potential for carrying out higher education

cooperation under the support and guidance of China’s Ministry of Education, and thus the

cooperation with UTM, an important partner of HZU, will surely have a brighter future.

Since the signing of the MoU in 2015, the seminar, aiming at promoting communication and

cooperation between two institutions, has been organized twice in September 2016 and

November 2017 respectively. Having put into lots of efforts to communicate and discover,

several research areas with mutual interests and foundations have been detected, paving the

way for following collaborative research. Dr. Xu concluded his speech by hoping that

researchers from HZU and UTM could make full use of this Seminar and explore larger

room for cooperation.

On behalf of UTM delegates, Dr. Norma Alisa delivered a speech. She said, in the context of

frequent and growing China-Malaysia exchange, that conducting communication and

cooperation in the area of higher education not only enhances understanding of researchers

of both countries, but also facilitates the process of education internationalization. In the

past three years, scholars and researchers at UTM and HZU have drawn opportunities from

the Seminar and engaged in active communication with a mutual intention to conduct

collaborative research. To end her speech, she hoped that more forms of cooperation,

including staff and students mobility, can be explored, so as to uplift the level of two

institution’s internationalization.

Dr. CHUA Lee Suan from UTM presented a keynote speech titled “Malaysian herbs for

better future”, and AP. ZENG Wei from HZU presented “Study and practice of the patterns

for fostering scientists and researchers under new situation”. In the parallel session,

more than 30 researchers from both universities had in-depth discussion and friendly

exchange of ideas regarding various research topics. Some highlights included

“Bioactive protein hydrolysate from Ficus deltroidea”, “Herbal plant value via

Proteomic approach”, “Underwater Void Avoidance Energy-Efficient Pressure-Based

Routing”, “Accelerating Digital Transformation Strategy in Higher Education Sector”, “Energy

metrics for opportunistic routing in underwater sensors”, “Influences of organizational culture

on talent management practices: Case study in Malaysia research university”,

“Intellectual Capital, Innovation and Firm Performance”, “Big Data Simulation-driven Analytics

to Guide High-resolution Visualization and Decision Making”, “Parallel Algorithm for Multi-slice

Parametric Surface Fitting on SIMT Architecture”, “Study of flow in microgravity

environment: g-jitter effect”, and “Targeted and non-targeted effects of ionizing radiation

on cells”.


It is noteworthy that several research areas with mutual cooperative foundations, which had

gone through ample exchange, were further advanced after in-depth communication during

the Seminar. This Seminar will mark the beginning of two universities’ cooperation in

collaborative research, which will significantly promote HZU’s research capability and enhance

the development of science and engineering subjects.


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